Investor Screening & Accreditation



Accredited, approved and registered investors may make investments via Internet and mobile devices. Mobile devices are encouraged and receive added incentives.


Become qualified and registered to invest and fund companies through SMS text and in-app messaging via the following easy five step process:

  • Step 1: Viewers text “invest”, or other designated words, phrases, numbers and symbols to The Startup HourTM short code (e.g., 78278) to qualify as an investor in Startup Hour Productions, LLC companies.

  • Step 2: Viewers automatically receive an SMS text back with an embedded URL to tap on their mobile device.

  • Step 3: Viewers follow the URL to “The Startup HourTM mobile site, where they are “opted in” and presented with information and links to set up an account and submit any required information needed for the accreditation process.

  • Step 4: Viewers fill out and email, in-app message or text back the proper accreditation forms and pictures.

  • Step 5: After receiving a confirmation text, in-app message, email or via standard mail, viewers become registered and qualified to invest in any company they see on the show for the life of the show/channel.

Investment Process

Once a viewer is qualified, approved and accredited by The Startup Hour™, a simple four step process secures investments.

  • Step 1: When registered, approved and accredited viewers see a company worthy of their investment, they text to a Startup Hour short code (e.g., 78278) the ID code of the company plus a unique identifier to indicate the intent to invest with the featured company.

  • Step 2: Investors receive a return SMS text offering choices for the amounts they wish to invest.

  • Step 3: Investors text their amount plus a unique password, combination of letters and symbols, or other authentication method to indicate their ID and secure their investment amount in a queue, which also “opts them in” to receive communications form the company receiving their investment.

  • Step 4: If the “investment text” is received and approved prior to the cap amount being fulfilled, the investor receives a confirmation text. All appropriate paperwork is sent via mobile and/or email with confirmation by standard mail. Note: If the “investment text” is received after the cap amount is reached, the investor receives a text informing them the investment was not accepted.