Reality show ‘The Startup Hour’ allows crowdinvesting from your own home

By March 4, 2015Startup News
It’s not “Shark Tank.” Nor is it “Dragon’s Den” or “American Inventor” or “The Profit.” Instead, the newest investment reality show, called “The Startup Hour,” comes with a major twist on the genre and is coming to Boston this month.

On ABC’s wildly successful show “Shark Tank,” prospective investors pitch a panel of judges, who decide whether they want to invest in the entrepreneur’s business. However, “The Startup Hour” flips the script: instead of the pitches being made to a team of hardened venture capitalists, the pitch is made directly to the viewers, who can then choose whether to invest in the startup from the comfort of their own couch.
Filming for the show will take place in Boston on March 19 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at WeWork South Station.
“The Startup Hour” uses a technology called Textinvesting, which allows viewers to directly invest into the business from their phone. The technology also provides the necessary documents and accreditation, including projections, spreadsheets, and other information to mobile devices.
“The entrepreneurial and tech community is so strong here and the mobile space, one that is particularly important to me, is huge,” Executive Producer Jonathan Block said in a statement. “We hope to help local startups foster new avenues to getting funded and job creation.”
Interested on appearing on the show? You can submit a video, no more than four minutes in length, here. Once submissions have been reviewed, contestants will be notified in one to two weeks to answer a questionnaire and fill out some forms. If selected, participants will be filmed at one of six filming locations around the country, including Boston on March 19.

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