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The Startup Hour™ is looking for US-based companies to be featured on the show.

The first step to be considered for the television show or crowdfunding website is to submit a video. (watch ours on the right!)

We accept all levels of video from simple cell phone videos to professional ones. All we need is to hear and see you clearly.

The most important part is to hear from the business owner or spokesperson, so tell us your story, what your goals are, and answer the questions below and you could be a contestant on the show or featured online.

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Submit a Video

Are you interested in being on the show?

It is not too late!  We have already visited several cities in our search to find emerging companies to feature on The Startup Hour™. Entrepreneurs can submit a video anytime for a chance to be filmed for current or future shows.

Complete the form below and submit a video no more than 4:00 minutes in length. You can tell us as much or anything about your business you want, but we ask that you complete the form below and answer the same questions in your video.

Once we have reviewed your submission, we will notify you by email to answer a questionnaire and complete some forms.

If you are selected to be filmed for the show, you will have your pitch  reviewed by a panel of judges.

You will be notified if your pitch is selected to be featured on the television program and The Startup Hour™ crowdfunding website (launching soon) where viewers will have the opportunity to follow you online and fund your business.*

If you are not selected to be featured on television, you will still have an opportunity to promote your business and raise funds on The Startup Hour™ crowdfunding website to a national audience.

Complete the Form

Enter for your chance to be featured on the show

1. Your name?

2. The business name, and a description of the problem are you solving? (50 words or less required)

3. Are you looking for donations or equity investors to fund your business and why? (50 words or less required)

4. How much money do you wish to raise? (50 words or less required)

5. Why will your business be successful? (75 words or less required)

6. What will the funds raised be used for? (75 words or less required)

7. Send us a link to where your video is hosted or stored (YouTube, Dropbox, OneDrive, Vimeo, etc...)

8. Your city and state? (required)

9. Best number to reach you? (required)

10. Your Email? (required)

*Registered contributors or accredited investors may donate or invest in your business. Based on the funds raised, and the method you raise funds (donation or equity), the risks and requirements may vary.