Where Every Hour is $tartup Hour


Where Every Hour is $tartup Hour™

The Startup Hour™ is making television history.

For the first time ever, viewers can own a stake in startup ideas pitched by entrepreneurs on TV.

The Startup Hour™ is a new TV series that will change the way startups are funded. Viewers can invest in the companies they love, and stay connected to the companies as they grow.

The show is currently in production. Check the updates section below for the latest news and announcements.

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Become a part of television history and submit your startup with a video. Be one of the first entrepreneurs to appear on The Startup Hour™.

Are you looking for a pre-qualified investment vetted by a panel of business experts?

With The Startup Hour, investing is easy when you register to invest in the businesses featured on the show and online. By delivering the best crowdinvesting and crowdfunding technology that connects investors to entrepreneurs, we make the entire process for both parties, automated, seamless, easy and enjoyable.


Does your company or startup need to raise money for your next project or idea?

The Startup Hour™ television show was developed to allow inventors and startup companies to raise funds from a nationwide audience through crowdfunding. Interested entrepreneurs can sign up for a chance to be featured on the show and take part in the first television experience where the viewer’s fund the ideas.



It is not too late! We have already visited several cities to find emerging companies to feature on The Startup Hour™.  Submit a video and you could be next!

Entrepreneurs can submit a video to have a chance to be featured in future episodes and/or online. Click here to fill out the form and submit your video.

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